Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Kids & Local Puppetry

KRISTA: To every single person who contributed to our fundraising campaign for Puppets Without Borders, this is what your money is doing: making hundreds of village kids so very happy by having their very own art supplies and getting to have a week-long puppetry adventure with two somewhat bizarre Canadian women! Thank you for making this possible!

SUSANNE: At the time of this photo, the children were still a bit shy with us. By the end of the day they were high-fiving us and smiling so big!

KRISTA: We are so incredibly lucky to be staying with a Ghanaian puppeteer, Makosa, and his family. On our second night in Ghana, he took us to this puppet show that he has produced –which is touring villages on a flatbed truck– on the subject of election issues such as the importance of registering to vote. This is especially amazing because Ghana does not have a tradition of puppetry. I'm very excited that our community shadow puppetry performance on Friday will be double-billed with this show!

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